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Michael is the Flight Operations Manager. In this role he is responsible for ensuring that flight operations are conducted safely and according to PNG's legal requirements as well as MAF's own procedures. As well as these managerial responsibilities he also usually flies the Twin Otter two to three days each week.

Michael and Nicki are based in Mount Hagen, the largest of PNG's highlands towns, and where MAF-PNG's headquarters are located.

All the major denominations have churches in Mount Hagen and Michael and Nicki worship at the main Baptist Church, Kimininga Baptist Church, which also has a number of daughter congregations in and around the town.

"We have been in Papua New Guinea for over twenty years. Living cross-culturally in a developing nation has its challenges, but also gives a healthy perspective on the values of western society.

Over the years my responsibilities have developed with experience. Like most new pilots I began on the Cessna 206 and later progressed on to the turbine-powered Twin Otter, the aircraft I fly most now.

As well as flying, with experience other responsibilities tend to be added to the workload! Flight Operations Manager is my current principle job, but I still have training responsibilities within MAF-International.

Throughout the time we have served with MAF we have remained very aware that we are just the front end of a large team of people. While we may be the people who actually work overseas, we certainly would not have been able to do so without the backup, encouragement and support from the rest of the team.

When we first felt that we should be serving the Lord Jesus Christ through MAF we were very uncertain and very nervous about what it all meant. Over the years God has demonstrated His faithfulness and care in the way He has directed the course of our lives and in the way He has provided for us in every way."



Nicki keeps the show on the road on the home front and assists with numerous other things as well.

For quite a few years now she has been involved with teaching Tok Pisin, the trade language used throughout the country, to new MAF staff (and sometimes other missions). Along with the language new staff are also introduced to aspects of PNG culture. Not only does this help new staff build relationships with local people, it helps them to know what, and what not, to do in different situations.

Her computer knowledge, especially of Excel spreadsheets, is also taken advantage of. When local staff don't have sufficient background knowledge to know why their applications aren't working, Nicki is usually able to help them out.

"I do not remember a time when I did not believe that God cared for me personally. However, my commitment to God became more specific during my teenage years as I realised that He wanted to be involved in every aspect of life.

I believe God guided my application to Bristol University to study Computer Science and then train as a maths teacher. Michael and I met during my second year at Bristol, his third, and we were married when our courses both ended in July 1978.

I have been able to use my teaching background in a variety of ways since living in Papua New Guinea, although mostly in subject areas other than maths. Currently I co-ordinate the orientation of new MAF staff arriving in PNG and share running the Tok Pisin language course for new arrivals. I really enjoy the opportunity of encouraging people to build relationships here through language learning.

God has shown Himself to be completely faithful as He has led our family here to PNG - sometimes described as "the ends of the earth" but really just another part of His amazing creation where people need to hear of and experience His love for them."

Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is an island north of Australia. Interact with the map to find various villages, a majority of which will have their own airstrip or are located near a village with one which MAF flies to.